You Must Accept Fall… Now


Once we actually hit October, I’m generally a little more accepting of the fact that summer is over. I’ve donned that first sweater, pulled out the gloves and stopped leaving the windows open 24-7.

This past weekend, I made chili, mulled cider, broke out the Halloween decorations, layered my outfits without protest and officially announced my acceptance on Facebook.  Fine. I can handle it.

Of course, I may have been encouraged in the confidence that this week is anticipated to be a bit warmer.

Whatever my feelings about the change of season in the big mitten, there’s not a single thing I can do to change it. From now on, I promise to be as content with the weather as I possibly can, and remind myself that there is plenty to do, even when the entire outdoor world is covered in fluffy white stuff.

Happy Autumn!

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