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A Spring Weekend in Pictures

tall evergreen tree ground viewWe enjoyed a full and busy weekend. I realized it would be best shared in pictures, and so here it is.

Of course, this wasn’t all of it – just some highlights.

That’s an evergreen tree in Seidman Park in Ada, Michigan. My friend, Sara, and I spent a lovely afternoon and evening wandering its trails, and I climbed this tree (not to a very impressive height… I need to remember that I’m not 10).


I finally got around to cleaning up and starting to prep the gardens. Every year, I rediscover a deep affection for our backyard, which was covered for so long in a deep blanket of snow.

back yard corner flower garden

Saturday night saw us at an Irish show featuring the New Barleycorn. The hubs, sister and I had a great time, as documented by our dear friend Juj.

two women one man at concert drinking

After a day of everything from petting animals to my sister cleaning our kitchen sink, we went to the annual Sacred Heart Carnival, just a seven minute walk from our house. Iris enjoyed the Euro Bungee. We also hit up the carousel in the background.

mom toddler daughter carnival bungee

These are, indeed, the days.

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