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Sweet Thoughts, Maddening Eats

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Yes. Fine. I obsess about food and what’s healthy enough to eat on a regular basis. And maaaybe my list is a little short for a lot of people.

But my diet is a free-for-all compared to that of my friend who basically can’t eat sugar.

I don’t mean she just avoids sweets and alcohol. No. She doesn’t eat wheat, fungus, vinegar, fruit, white rice, glazed meats, beets or sweets and alcohol. In extreme cases she also cuts starches like beans and carrots.

There’s a ton of other stuff but I can never remember it all.

At first, this sounds insane. And granted, she’s not typical and is pretty strict with herself. But she was dealing with symptoms ranging from anxiety to skin issues to breathing trouble to mouth sores.

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Sugar: Poison? Regulation? Hmmm…

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I’ve been hearing a lot about sugar in the news and on talk shows lately. I think it might be because of this study.

The conversation has sort of centered around the whole concept of regulating sugar the way we do alcohol and tobacco, and considering it a toxic substance. I realize that sounds kind of crazy. But when someone says that sugar is poison, I suppose they’re right, to a degree. Alcohol, tobacco and sugar can all kill you… it just generally takes a while.

Here’s how I understand it. We like the taste of sugar because it’s sweet. In evolutionary terms, this is because sweet things found in nature are typically not poisonous, and are therefore safe to eat. And just like fat and salt, sugar can do some good things for our bodies.

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