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Anniversary X

Well, there went July. And there went 10 years… In the best of ways, of course. Today marks 10 years since I married the boy, and I feel as though it was the right move. We’ve always had a lot … Continue reading

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Everyone Deserves What I Have

You’ve seen this image, right? It is a logo designed by the Human Rights Campaign, and signifies my support of marriage, and marital rights, equality for all adult couples. I just need to be clear on where I stand. I’m … Continue reading


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Oh the Generosity

This past weekend saw me attending the last of the pre-baby showers. A couple are going to happen after the baby’s born, but for now, the biggest new parent plans are the weekly OB appointments and a few loads of … Continue reading


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Fish: Part 3 of ?

Parts 1 and 2. Here’s a short little Part 3: “Fishing,” I answered, and kissed him on the cheek. The soft bristles that tickled my chin reminded me how glad I was that Fintan was growing a beard. “Well it’s … Continue reading

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