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Cancer: It Doesn’t Have to Be This Bleak

woman xray magnifying glass study

Yup, I have a cancer-phobia. For reasons logical and panic-based, I worry about this disease destroying my life and the lives of those I love.

I make a point of not reading a lot of cancer focused articles. So many of them are based in sensation and fear, and I simply don’t have time for that kind of anxiety.

This BBC piece on the predicted global wave of cancer, however, seems important. Bottom line: No one can fully erase their risk of getting this pervasive illness. But there is so much each person can do to create favorable odds. One estimate says that half – HALF – of all cases could be prevented.

A lofty goal, and a worthy one.

Personally, I have little patience for cancer and the current medical approach. I imagine the society of 500 years from now viewing it the way we view leeches and bleeding. Please take a glance at this article, and consider making at least one change for the better.

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