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Roughin’ It

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As a diet nerd, I pride myself on stellar digestion.

Prepare yourself to join my husband in declaring that you know more than is perhaps necessary about the phenomenon that is my healthy bowels.

While I’m not of the caliber of Mary Roach when it comes to knowing about the workings of human intake and output, I do consider myself well aware of how they operate, and, more importantly, what affects them. Over the past three years, as I’ve moved from meat eater to vegetarian to pescetarian, I’ve also changed my habits regarding the things I do eat. Namely, getting a wide variety of whole grains, reducing dairy intake, cutting sugar and salt and processed foods and trying to eat local/organic/sustainable.

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Lentil Curry Stew

(the food’s not pretty, so you get the bonus of our goldfish Bob and Carol)

The time for hearty eating is returning, I fear, and along with it, a new and quirky Haphazard Recipe!

I’m quite certain that I didn’t create something truly new here. I was poking around the kitchen, trying to think of what I could make to use up certain fresh ingredients, utilize the store of dry ingredients and combine veggies, fiber and protein.

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Sexy Fruit

I’ve been sort of obsessed with peaches. They have to be just about the sweetest, juiciest and sexiest fruits out there.

I picked out some great ones at the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago. I can’t even tell you… I didn’t know such feelings were even possible for fruit. I’d find myself just staring at them in the fruit bowl, waiting anxiously until it was time to eat the next one. Sometimes I’d pick them up just to feel the velvety flesh, and then press them gently to my nose to catch a whiff of their scent.

The husband and I each ate one a day until they were gone – all too soon.

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