People + Words = Stories

So, what’s with the math in the tagline? I’ll tell you.

People make things happen. When we relate what people have done, we use words in either spoken or written form. These are our stories.

And so:  People + Words = Stories.

Of course, there are ways to tell stories without words. Other artists, via mediums such as line, color, dance, sound, food and emotion, are telling just as many stories as the rest of us are with the words.

But I am not that kind of artist, for the most part (if I’m being honest with myself). I see people, I write words, and, hopefully, find a few of the stories that are already out there.

*The watermark in the image above says ‘chitrakari’. I highly recommend checking out Chitrakari’s photostream on Flickr. The photographer describes the image thus: “Fresco on the walls of the Pothimala building depicting a woman writing poetry, Guru Harsahai, Firozpur District, Punjab.”

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