Halloween fairy garden

The fairies are ready for Halloween!

Title because I like the way it sounds. Also, because Fall and potential fanciness.

It’s been quite the week, friends. But things ended on higher notes, and now I’m preparing to head to New Orleans on Thursday. My three dearest middle/high school ladies are I are celebrating 20 years of friendship by going to the city that gave us Anne Rice, Creole awareness and something to dream about during those long Michigan winters of our youth.

Of course, it’s also now Halloween season. My new favorite thing is Iris exclaiming “It’s so exciting!” (complete with dramatic tremble) every time I mention seasonal decorations. Over the weekend we took out the black lace table cloth, stuck bats to our walls and checked out the festive taste of our resident fairies, who apparently create wonderful jack-o-lanterns (garden pictured above).

We also hit up the Enchanted Trail at Fat Blossom Farm (with which I am in love). Other points of interest – Michigan Radio member mixer, ArtPrize, Sushi Maki and brownies. A good weekend.

A big part of me loves October, despite its foreboding of The Great White Dark. Every year, I come a little closer to re-embracing the spooky kid sentiment of the aforementioned youth. I have a feeling this year will be helped along by a fancy frock dinner or two in The Big Easy.

Put on something fabulous and enhance your home with some festive black. When else are we allowed to so celebrate the beauty of a little fear?

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