Beneath the Ice of Europa

Jupiter's moon EuropaGonna cheat and link you to a cool little article about aliens.

Well, not really. It’s about the theory that possibly existent conditions could be favorable for the sustaining of potential life. So, aliens.

The point I took away, as I have from so many other things before, is that the universe is vast, and we are so completely clueless about it. Heck, we’re ignorant about what’s at the bottom of our own oceans, let alone the water forms on one of Jupiter’s moons.

If we’re not paying attention to the things scientists say about space – if we’re implying to our children that we have it all figured out because of cosmic favoritism – we’re missing out on the real magic. Wonder and awe do not have to cease just because our telescopes are bigger.

Whatever is, or isn’t, out there, I plan to be listening.

Also, Cosmos Cometh.

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