A Rest from Labor

couple in front of cabin

Happy Labor Day!

This was us in 2005, in front of Cabin 5 at what used to be Fox Lake Resort.

We are there now, as we speak, relaxing with family for the holiday weekend. Today, the entire property (including 80 acres and a lake!) is owned by the hub’s step father and his kids. They’ve made amazing improvements to the mid-century cabins, as well as the beautiful property surrounding them.

Cabin 5 has been reroofed, stained and generally improved, though it retains its 20th century charm and simplicity.

Iris is still a bit young to do the whole weekend, so she is home in GR with her grandparents. We grown ups are taking the time to feel a little less like grown ups, and recapture some of the reckless abandon enjoyed by the kids pictured above. That means pink gin drinks, Uno and maybe some tuna-mac. Living on the edge in Northwestern Michigan.

Enjoy your holiday! I hope you and yours have at least most of the day off, and that the weather is favorable. See you when we resurface!

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