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As I said to a world-weary friend on Monday: “Being an adult with access to information is exhausting.” Work, family, Korea, taxes, questionable food sources, social obligations, blasts at public events… It’s a lot to take in every day.

I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t turn it off most of the time. When there are people starving, dying, losing their homes and worse, I don’t feel right disregarding my privileged state and the information available to me. I need to do, and feel, something.

But that’s never where it starts.

Over the weekend, I was somewhat obsessed with the following two recipes (or at least the pictures of them). I’d decided that if there was extra time Sunday afternoon/evening (*snort*), I’d make them.

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

Thousand Dollar Bars

Of course, neither of them happened. My to-do list was obliterated, but the result was a lack of the aforementioned extra time. Oh well – they would’ve put the hurt on me anyway. They’re both in the Pinterest files, so we’ll keep trying.

Anyway, Monday was one of those days that made me realize how lucky I am to consider eating indulgently and not worry about getting blown up. I am fortunate to have a to-do list that includes things like “buy outlet covers” and “have picture taken.”

While getting ready to function, I heard a radio conversation about food allergies, and was glad that the only one in our household is easily managed. My husband reacts to sweet potatoes with hives and irritability. Not fun, but also not life threatening or even altering.

Then, there was the Boston Marathon tragedy. Obviously, this was unsettling. While I do not know anyone who was directly affected, I sense the national discomfort with something like this happening on our soil. Bombings happen, sure, but in the Middle East. We are supposed to be safe when we gather publicly in the U.S. of A.

I admit, I was annoyed by much of the reaction I saw online and elsewhere. Some folks were quick to blame certain groups, while others became dramatic about an event that really won’t change their life one bit. I felt like the nation needed a reality check, and found this article about how violence is on the decline. Our detailed knowledge of the world’s tragedies does not mean there are more of them, and I hope that is encouraging for everyone.

So, there was a lot of life in the first part of the week. For me, most of it was good. For the world, there is so much bad, and I hope that I contribute to it as little as possible. Ultimately, I was put in mind of how fragmented modern life can be, and how remaining “mindful” is just another challenge to tackle.

If there was ever a time time to take up yoga…


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