Freelance Post-Holiday: Back to Normal…

artichoke pizza

Well, the holidays are over (for us) and it’s back to the grind of work, cooking, diaper washing and general management of the perpetual juggling act that is freelance-parenthood-life.

I’m sort of breathing a sigh of relief, because not only will our days have a bit more predictability than they did during the festivities, but I’ll be able to work more and spend less.

Something I learned since last Christmas, when I was a leisurely pregnant lady with few holiday assignments: Freelance writers don’t get vacation days. Last week, I was the loser who was working in the guestroom while the rest of my family partied in my aunt’s Ohio living room. Such is life.

Time for a clean slate, renewed energy and a good holiday detox diet. I will make more effort to find new clients. I will find more time to do yoga. I will start saying no when an artichoke laden pizza weasels its way into my sight.

Let’s do this, January.

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