Spring of the Duckling

geese and their goslings at the pond

Last week I took Iris for her first spring walk in the stroller. The zoo is less than 10 minutes from our house on foot, and sits nestled at the back of lovely John Ball Park.

I got really excited when I realized that the local geese might have their goslings out. We walked around almost the entire pond before I spotted two adult geese with a flock of fluffy little goose babies. Ca-UTE!

Then, I noticed the ducklings. Unlike the reserved goslings, the miniature ducks were zipping around the pond, seemingly carefree and not at all concerned about how far they were from their parents.

In case you didn’t know, ducks are adorable. They are small and kind of awkward and make the best noises ever. It gets even better when you shrink them down to the size of a large mouse. ducks and ducklings in a pond

My own little duckling slept through the show, but I imagine that in future years, she’ll take as much delight as I do in the antics of baby water fowl.

Look closely to spot the ducklings in the picture:


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  1. J. Spinazzola

    Our daughter Landi is crazy about ducks! We’ve taken her to the zoo twice, she’s 2 1/2, and both times her favorite animals by far were the ducks!!

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