Soapbox: Healthful Reminders, Part 3 of 3

pyramid of physical activityIn Parts 1 and 2 I yammered about food. I always talk about food first because everyone has to eat.

Like it or not, healthy eating habits are the best way to get into better shape and health. While exercise is essential, it can’t make up for a poor diet, and let’s face it, most people aren’t going to do it anyway.

BUT, I digress…


You must do this. Weight loss is nice, but this is about your health. Weight loss comes with better health.

Exercise doesn’t have to be anything more than a daily 30 minute walk. You can do that at home, for free and with your honey bun or best pal.

As you get older, be conscious of your joints. Be wary of high impact, and concentrate on bones, balance and flexibility. Yoga is amazing for this. There are a variety of levels, and you can do it at home through the Internet (Netflix, YouTube, etc.). Yoga is also great great great for stress relief. Truly. If everyone in the world did yoga a few times a week, there’d be fewer wars, I’m sure.

The pyramid above givesĀ  a good sense about how exercise doesn’t have to be an hour at the gym competing with hard bodies. Simply increasing your daily movement – like taking the stairs, parking far from the store entrance or bouncing your leg at your desk – can make a difference. Just make it a habit to take advantages of chances to be active, and you’ll find yourself enjoying less sedentary time.

Breathe, Rest

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Whether your stress is targeted and motivating or anxious and depression causing, it must be managed and relieved. So, balance out your healthy diet and exercise routine with proper breathing and sufficient rest.

Proper breathing, you ask? Breathing all the way to the bottom of your lungs, so that your chest and belly expand on the inhale and gently draw in on the exhale. This practice can even improve your posture. Make a point of breathing this way a few times during the day, letting it be a time of slowing down, and you’ll discover improved breathing even when you’re not thinking about it.

Rest in the form of naps (when you need them) and seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If sleep is a problem for you, it may be helped by improving your diet and exercise habits.

I’ll Shut Up Now

I could go on and on. There’s so much to think about. With food especially – you have to eat everyday. The topic is very relevant. Make use of the Internet to learn about food and the wise choices you can make for your health.

In addition to the physical things mentioned above and in previous posts, get some sunshine and social time. There’s nothing better for mood elevation than happy lighting and time with people you genuinely enjoy. Also, consider getting a pet – good for the blood pressure and getting some exercise (if you have to walk the dog).George Washington in a party hat with a noise maker

And here’s a tip – try collecting healthy recipes and workout ideas on Pinterest. For an example check out my boards.

Thanks for bearing with me on this little memory jog. I hope the reminders are a good boost for all of us:)

Oh! And it’s George Washington’s birthday. He would have been 280 years old today. Just FYI.

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