Short Short: Olive, Oliver and Olivia

creepy triplets dollOlive, Oliver and Olivia were triplets. Aside from their well-shaped names, there was nothing balanced about them.

Olive was the oldest of the three, and only had one leg. She was also missing two fingers on her left hand.

Oliver, the middle triplet, was said to be her counterpart with extra digits on each hand and extremely long limbs.

Olivia was the graced child, the “normal” one, the baby bear – not too big, not too small and just the right number of appendages. Of course, the fact that she had only one eye and an extra nostril detracted a bit from her apparent perfection.

The other children in their neighborhood (who were really quite terrible) liked to watch them attempt Ring-Around-the-Rosey. While they had maneuvered ways to make it work with Olive’s one leg and Oliver’s awkwardly long limbs, accommodating for Olivia’s one eye never quite worked.

Cruel voices taunted them as they struggled to avoid swerving into the fence and tripping over lawn toys.

The image is of a doll called ‘Conjoined Triplets’ by Shain Erin, and in no way reflects the lives of our triplet niece and nephews.


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  1. Mary Kay Borst - Reilly- Mitchell

    I agree! Our triplet grandchildren are perfect. Thank Goodness! Well, as perfect as humans can be anyway.

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