Cold Weather Battle Tips

smiley face and sad facesAlright, it’s happened again… cheating with links.

I’m hoping the places I send you this time will prove useful in your home and daily life. Everything I put in this post has been very helpful for me as far as eating well and staying comfortable, happy and entertained during the winter season.

*Note: Nothing is better than staying connected with the people that make you feel good. Maintain your positive friend and family connections this season, no matter how much you have to fight the chaos and snow. Well, well worth it.


You’ve got to eat heartily when the weather gets nasty. This first link is to a recipe I used earlier in the week. We added garlic, peas and carrots to this and ate it with bulger seasoned with Greek seasoning, garlic, minced onion, turmeric and Parmesan cheese. I put balsamic vinegar on mine as well:

Swiss Chard with Garbanzo Beans and Tomato


Next up, moisturizing dry winter skin. I use apricot oil just about every day, and it’s definitely keeping my skin more comfortable in a dry winter Michigan environment:

Apricot Oil


I love Zumba. My neighbor and I have been attending a local class for nearly two years now, and I just can’t say enough how much good it’s done me. It’s girl time, an hour of cardio/strength training and fun music and dance. This is not something you can jump into full steam if you’re out of shape or not very coordinated – not gonna lie, it’s fast and challenging. But the right class/video will help you get there. Total cold weather mood booster too:



Gonna nerd out on ya. I love anything to do with early human history, and the Earth’s Children books focus on Neanderthals and modern humans living in present-day Europe about 30,000 years ago. While the characters aren’t terribly complex, the story is looooong – 6 books over about 700 pages each. Easy reading, a little educational and maybe a touch steamy; )

Earth’s Children Series

So, there you go. I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes it takes special effort to stay upbeat in the 8-12 weeks of deep winter we get up here in the mitten. It’s important to find things that are warm, fuzzy and fulfilling. If these links don’t fit you perfectly, maybe they’ll help you figure out your own winter battle plan.


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