Thoughts on the Flu Shot

getting flu shot

I’ve never had a flu shot. At least, not that I can remember.

Before I was pregnant, I thought about the flu shot, and whether or not I’d get it once I became pregnant. Now that that’s the case, and flu season is about to descend for its several month stay, I’ve had to make the decision.

It might be a surprise to many of you, but I’m going to get the shot. Up until a very short time ago, I would have guessed otherwise about myself. I’ve long thought that we’re too afraid of germs, and too quick to ward them off rather than build resistance to the most resistant of bugs.

But, I’ve had to rethink that a little, at least regarding myself. Here’s why:

  1. I’m pregnant for the first time, which means I’m petrified about everything I do. Well, not petrified, but I think harder about everything from going down the stairs to eating Red #40. It also means that I’m a little more at the mercy of the opinions of the professionals.
  2. I have a crappy immune system. At least, that’s how it feels. While I certainly do better than I did in my 20s (mostly due to eating better, drinking less booze/more water, getting more sleep and exercising), I still seem to get everything that goes around.
  3. My immune system is down even more because of the pregnancy. I didn’t know this before. But it makes sense. A lower immunity means my body won’t reject the baby. Ideal.
  4. I’ve done all I can to not get sick, and still got sick. We had a nasty cold/fever thing going around in West Michigan last month, and I was feeling it on and off for like three weeks. If that’s a foreshadowing of the coming winter, I say no thank you.
  5. Many pregnant women get the flu shot, and most babies are born alright. I’m picking my battles.

According the CDC, everyone should get the flu shot. I’m not throwing my weight behind that. If we’re not building immunities to the bugs that, while unpleasant, aren’t usually dangerous, the bugs are going to get stronger (evolution, hello?), and might become resistant to the vaccines. Certain folks in certain situations might need it, but a few days of discomfort in bed is not generally going to hurt most healthy 30 year olds.  When I’m not pregnant, I’ll most likely go back to preventive measures and fighting back with food, vitamins and tea.

But for now, tomorrow’s the big day – Katie’s Trip to the Doctor. I managed to schedule myself for the shot right after our 20-week ultrasound (yay!). Maybe next time we talk, I’ll be able to tell you if this blog is gaining a male or female follower.

Happy Wednesday!



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2 Responses to Thoughts on the Flu Shot

  1. Shawna

    I am a huge advocate of the flu shot. It isn’t really the vaccination that causes the flu to become resistant-it is the overuse of antibiotics. The vaccine itself consists dead virus that allows your system to recognize the threat and begin to build resistance toward it. The CDC tracks the current strains, and those are the ones that are used in the shot to help defend your system. <3 my vaccines!!

    • Katie

      True true – overuse of antibiotics is a problem in this country. Another reason to love yogurt:) But, don’t we build some immunity by getting the flu bug now and then? I totally think that anyone with a delicate/compromised immune system should be protected, but does every single person really need the shot?

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