Week Four/Month One:

Four weeks – one month. That went fast.

In the spirit of needing to branch out and work with real people, I met up this week with a former co-worker whom I call my marketing guru, my employment inspiration, my cohort in the great jailbreak. She’s worked a lot of places, and knows that a healthy and fulfilling work environment – whatever that might be for you – is essential to a successful career.

She gave me tips about branding myself, spicing up my resume and using my blog to market myself. These were things I knew deep down, but I think I needed a reminder that I had a decent foundation to build on, and just have to frame and build on it correctly.

The resume discussion was especially enlightening. I hadn’t thought of the fact that I was once a project manager, and had maybe even put more work into the company’s social media outlets than anyone had previously. It was a good feeling.

As for the blog, which is the here and now, afterall, I’ve seen a pattern developing, and I think I might go with it:

Mondays: I let the nerd out. I address topics that are dear to my heart and make me feel most like myself. Things like family, Ireland and being a history dork.

Wednesdays: Time to pass along useful information. I’ve been tending to write about science, health and practicality in the middle of the week.

Fridays: I remind myself that I’m a professional (even as I sit in my summer lounge pants) and think about what I’ve done in the past week to advance my career and better my skills. I guess I’m hoping to connect to others in the same position, and benefit from the outreach.

I’m not sure if these Friday posts will continue as they have… Maybe I’ll talk about being freelance every other week, and stagger that with creative posts on the other weeks.

Now, I have to work, and use up the rest of that ginormous zucchini. ;)

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