Week 3:

And so, my darlings, we come to the end of Week Three of this experiment.

Still doing alright.

There’s something about that number, three. It seems significant…

3 Musketeers

3 Little Pigs

3 Weird Sisters

3 Stooges

3 Parts of the Trinity

3 Amigos

3 Branches of Government…

Maybe I just feel like I should have more solid direction. Whatever it is, I’ve moved away from the content work a little bit, and tried to think more about contacting actual people in the area. Getting clients is going to pay off way better than dinking around for the content farms.

I do feel officially separated from 9 to 5 life, that’s for certain. I have easily adjusted to my husband’s second shift schedule, although I think we’re getting to bed a little too late. I’d still rather that than not see him all week though.

Today is going to be more social than usual – farmers’ market in the morning (yay peaches and blueberries and eggs!), lunch with lady relatives, some work and maybe yoga, and then a dinner meetup with old co-workers (from the waitress days). Hopefully I find a little time for self marketing in there too;)

Have a lovely weekend!


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