Water Water, Gloom and Sun

This weekend, we spent what will probably be the last summer 2011 night at the family cabins. It’s always a little sad.

Worse, the weather was not really conducive to activities like swimming and sweating. There were a few moments of sun and heat, but for the most part, we were adding layers of clothing instead of sunscreen.

Then again, as much as I hate to admit it, there was also that oddly comforting whiff of fall in the air. I can think of a few reasons that the changing of the seasons would excite me this year, but in truth, I could live in a Michigan summer forever. That whiff saddened me more than it excited me.

We still got to have the bonfire, and the kids did go swimming and wear flip flops. But we heard a lot of murmurings about “chilly” and “the sun was out…”

So, the weekend was this weird mixture of summer location and practice but autumn weather and anticipation. Maybe it’s that part of me that never really grew up, sensing the onset of the school year and the structure of cooler temps and no beach… Maybe it’s because I grew up here and don’t really know any other way to mark the months. Maybe it’s basic biology. Whatever it is, it happens every year, and I’m hoping my coping mechanisms get better.

Of course, to make me feel a little more at ease, we ended the weekend with a stop at a friend’s cottage and impromptu – and very sunny – pontoon ride. Phew! It’s still August.

I’m looking forward to a few things about September, October, maybe even November. December will be too busy to even think about. January and February I dread. But come March, things always get a little brighter.

For the moment, I plan to get to the beach at least once more, and put my hair in braids as often as I can.



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2 Responses to Water Water, Gloom and Sun

  1. Mary Kay Borst - Reilly- Mitchell

    Of course, you know that AUTUMN is my favorite time of the year. NOT because school is back in session by any means, but the crispness in the air, the crunching of the colorful leaves, and being with my friends to watch the Michigan game, eating and laughing. I LOVE AUTUMN!

    • Katie

      I know you do. I like it too – it just means that winter is that much closer, and that’s a season I can do without. I am looking forward to apple cider and pumpkin carving though;)

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