Pink Lighting: For Sex and For Corpses



Pink hues.

Shades of pink. Textures of pink.

Pink like the stuffed bunny from 1981. Pink like the thinnest stripe in the bubble gum carpeting. Pink like your favorite color because you’re a little girl.

Pink tastes.

Pink tastes like chemical Hubba Bubba soda. Pink tastes like cotton candy and the way you think that lollipop would taste if they’d ever buy it. Pink tastes like vomit after too much strawberry milk.

Pink like the new bedroom. Pink like goes well with retro black. Pink like nipples. Pink like outdated lipstick that she still wears. Pink like flatters your skin tone.

Pink like vomit after a bottle of Robitussin and the carnival. Pink like the orange that is always the new pink. Pink like her vagina.

I hate the pink lighting they put on dead bodies to make them look alive.

Pink like you’ll always love. Pink like her perfect kitchen. Pink feels and tastes like a girl.


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